Designed to be the fastest bag in your gym and to develop the fastest hands in the ring, this lightning fast bag gives new meaning to the word SPEED. Everything about it adds to its rebound and responsive properties. It’s perfectly symmetrical, aerodynamically shape and ideal 5”x7” in size improves bounce. The shorter, ½” top loop makes the bag swing and reach the platform more quickly. The bottom patch and mid-leather band is wrapped at the widest part of the bag which adds the right amount of weight to propel the bag through its range of motion. The red, welted seams help visibility so that you can time the bag better and strike it more accurately. All of these special features come together to give you the ability to strike first and lightning fast.

Get more action out of every speed bag you hit and gain greater SPEED with every punch you throw. The shorter 1/2” ball-bearing base, shortens the arch, or distance that the bag travels, which makes your speed bag rebound faster. That means, YOU have to react more quickly and develop better hand speed. Pair-it-up with the Lightning Fast Speed Bag, which has also been designed to speed-up reaction time, to get the perfect 1-2 combination. Professional-grade, brushed nickel finish. This revolutionary design also features a unique “pocket” that the loop of the bag naturally sits in to reduce side-to-side movement and unnecessary “wobbling” of the bag. Includes 4 mounting screws.