Outslayer Tear Drop Punching Bag aka Bowling Pin 100lbs


Comes with 10 year warranty certificate.

Made in USA

Ships Filled or Unfilled

Made out of top heavy duty vinyl that is also used for custom 300lbs punching bags.

Material Capacity : 300lbs

No chains required

Free Shipping

Tear drop punching bag by Outslayer is perfect for developing knee, forearm and elbow strikes.

Here are a few ways you can use a tear drop heavy bag.

1) Muay Thai Clinch : ” A fighter grasps his opponent with both hands around the neck, bringing his knee up to his opponents ribs ” This can be easily practiced with a tear drop bag by grabbing the upper part of the bag with both hands and striking the large mid section of the bag with knees.

2) Elbows/ Forearms: Build your arm power by driving your left arm into the mid sec…