This bag is 6ft apx 150lbs and 14″ diameter. Made in USA

Comes with Lifetime Warranty (75 years) Certificate which makes it a very wise investment for any serious fighter. Why spent money on new bag every 12 months (standard warranty for other stores) , when you can buy an Outslayer bag and use it for life.

Made out of incredibly durable double color vinyl shell and filled only with compressed fabric.

The punching bag is shipped filled or unfilled and comes with everything you need to hang it.

When filled- filled only with compressed fabric ( no sand, sand is bad to have in a heavy bag because after short use the sand sinks to the bottom of the bag making it hard as stone and impossible to use, other companies add sand because it is much faster to get the needed weight) We fill our bags only with fabric re compressing it multiple times , so you will love hitting our bag even after years of use.

– When filled, ships in a reusable heavy duty heavy bag cover

The Outslayer Lifetime Warranty Punching Bag comes with:

-Chain with Swivel
-Heavy duty spring
-D-ring on the bottom to attach to the floor or a sand bag if desired.
Primary Color : Black
Secondary Color: Blue

You will absolutely love this punching bag or your money back guaranteed!


Note: The straps the bag is hanging from in the picture, is only for display purpose. It will come with a heavy bag chain, not the straps.